Whovians in the Tardis


I see h a t r e d

I’d almost say you were in love…


When the Lone Dalek described Eccleston’s Doctor as being a “good Dalek”, he meant he would be good at BEING a Dalek. That’s obvious.
But when Rusty says it about Capaldi’s Doctor, he means something entirely different - the Doctor is a Dalek who HAPPENS to be “Good”.
Now THAT’S how you…

I think you’re probably nice. Underneath it all, I think you’re kind, and definitely brave. I just wish you hadn’t been a soldier." - Twelve, Into the Dalek


A chained up, broken Dalek, questioning it’s morals…

Where have I seen this before?

Into the Dalek: Things I loved


  • Blue lighting 
  • The weird gel like effect when they entered the Dalek
  • Clara’s teacher personality/characterisation coming through
  • Clara not taking any of the Doctor’s crap
  • Clara stopping the Doctor from doing something awful, again. 
  • The entire beginning scene with Clara and Danny 
  • The Doctor showing the Dalek the beauty of the universe
  • "Am I a good man?" You are a good Dalek.”


Danny Pink in Into the Dalek